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Tiny phone, huge camera.

The Samsung C600 has huge resolution, tiny size.

Billed as the 'queue hoppers' phone. Show me to the velvet rope!
Billed as the 'queue hoppers' phone. Show me to the velvet rope! Samsung, U.K.

How about 5 megapixels of camera in a 2.2-inch cell phone? That's quite a trick.

And after using the Samsung G600 for just a day, I already want to alert you: this is one you should check out.

It's certainly not as much of a style cell (such as the iPhone or the Prada phone) but its black/gray casing shows class. And yes, I admit my proclivity to sliders (this one is smooth as silk). But it's just got the right feel. Not too heavy, but not so light as to feel cheap. Music sounds great, even without the headset. And with it, FM radio is clean and solid.

Samsung UK has a clublike microsite devoted to the G600--portraying it as a passport to the most exclusive dark corners of chic club life. Dare I tell them it isn't that sexy?

There are other negatives. For one, I have yet to figure out how to change ringtones and assign pictures. And we'll see how good--and not just large--the pictures are. But hey, it's only been a day! I'll have more next post.