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Three and Tesco Mobile named best value networks

Three, Tesco Mobile and HTC are among the big winners in this year's uSwitch Awards.

Three, Tesco Mobile and HTC are among the big winners in this year's uSwitch Awards, awarded by phone fans and industry experts to the best manufacturers and mobile networks for value, coverage, customer support and extras.

Three scooped the most awards, taking home four gongs. Customer satisfaction ratings were tallied up to name Three as the network giving the best value for money -- both on contract and SIM-only -- and the best customer support, despite repeatedly being named as the most complained-about network by Ofcom.

Three was also named best for roaming thanks to the Feel At Home scheme, which gives you free calls back to Blighty when you're overseas.

Tesco Mobile customers declared themselves the happiest customers with their network's coverage and PAYG value for money. 4G network EE took home the award for fastest network.

Overall, O2 was named the best pay-monthly network and best for perks, while O2-owned GiffGaff won best PAYG network.

Of the major networks, only Vodafone went home empty-handed.

The industry judges decided HTC is the best manufacturer in terms of design, the quality of phones such as the HTC One belying the company's financial trouble. The iPhone was named the best designed and easiest to use phone, and Apple's recently radically revamped iOS was voted best operating system.

Carphone Warehouse is named best high street retailer for the third year in a row, while gets the nod for best online retailer.

Do you agree with the line-up of winners? Is Three the best value? Is O2 the number one network? Are the HTC One and iPhone the finest phones? Tell me your thoughts or present an award on our Facebook page.