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This 'burnt Note 7' skin allows iPhone fanboys to taunt Samsung Galaxy fanboys

The upcoming Explo-Sung decal makes your iPhone look like an exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The back decal of the Explo-Sung.

Thanks to the folks at Uniqfind, you'll soon be able to make your iPhone look like an exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We're not sure it's the best way to spend $25, but we suspect some iPhone fanboys will take some perverse pleasure in needling Samsung fanboys with the makeover.

Uniqfind's marketing the skin -- composed of back and front decals -- with tongue firmly in cheek.

"Here at Uniqfind, we've come up with a merciless way to dress-up your iPhone this Halloween -- as a burnt device! Introducing the Explo-Sung decal for iPhones. It's our hottest skin yet."

Alas, the skin is set to ship in early November -- and Halloween is October 31 -- but most people interested in buying this will probably be willing ignore that little detail.

It'll be interesting to see if Samsung reacts to this, too. Given the company's apparent success in getting YouTube to pull a video of the Grand Theft Auto "exploding Note 7" mod, Uniqfind may want to stay close to the phone.

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