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The scariest video games ever

The scariest video games ever

The world's most terrifying mascot is getting three of his own video games this holiday season. The Burger King, Burger King's hyperencephalic spokes-stalker, will appear on three budget Xbox titles, available at Burger King from November 19 to December 24. Pocket Bike Racer puts the King and BK spokespeople Subservient Chicken and Brooke Burke onto minibikes for racing fun. Big Bumpin' puts the three into bumper cars. Sneak King has the King stalking people and giving them Burger King food. OK, these won't be epic sagas, but at $4 each with the purchase of a value meal, it's still hard to say no to them. Even if it's just so you can say to your friends, "Silent Hill? Fatal Frame? That's not scary. Check this out..."

Source: Game Informer