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The new 1GB Apple iPod Nano

The new 1GB Apple iPod Nano

For $149, you get a 1GB version of the popular and scratch-prone iPod Nano (also available in 2GB and 4GB). Black or white, photo-friendly color screen, Audible support...everything else is the same. Apple had to and could easily fill that $149 void since many people consider $200 too much for an MP3 player, regardless of storage capacity. Prices on the screenless iPod Shuffle were pushed down from $129 to $99 for the 1GB version and from $99 to $69 for the 512MB version. There truly is a price point for everyone! (Not to mention Dell's $99 512MB DJ Ditty, which ain't looking too good right now, though it does have a screen.) I believe the Shuffle will stick around because of its built-in USB utility--maybe as a $50 1GB model someday. Most interesting is the fact that this 1GB iPod Nano came unannounced and way under the radar, though rumours have circulated about it.