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The myTouch 3G's snazzy package

Our T-Mobile myTouch 3G has arrived and we love the packaging.

Good news Android fans: our T-Mobile myTouch 3G arrived today. And before we get knee-deep in reviewing T-Mobile's second Google Android phone, we wanted to show you its nifty packaging. We're not taking about a standard paper box with a plastic tray here. Rather, it comes in a padded zippered case that slips into a paper sleeve.

The case, which is covered in a nylon-like material, is exceptionally cool. Separate compartments securely hold the phone, wall adapter, USB cable, headphones, and user materials. Not only can you use the case for storing the phone's various parts, but you can also use it for taking the phone on the go. If desired, you can even remove the foam compartments and use the case for other purposes. Clad in simple black with just a silver myTouch 3G logo, we'd almost call the case stylish.

We unwrap our myTouch 3G. Kent German/CNET

Of course, the phone is virtually identical to the HTC Magic and the Google Ion. We like the sleek shape, attractive display, and spacious navigation controls. Though some users may miss a physical keyboard, we think that the myTouch 3G is more attractive than its G1 predecessor.

The feature set is about what you'd expect, though the myTouch 3G comes integrated with the Android 1.5 "Cupcake" update. What's more, the addition of Outlook Exchange Server support means that Android is finally crossing into the business phone realm. We set up our work e-mail in just a few minutes and it's working like a charm so far.

We'll have our full review in the next day, so stay tuned.