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The $44,000 MP3 player

The $44,000 MP3 player

London-based Douglas.J Music Group just launched the world's most expensive MP3 player, the Presidential. The Web site states: "Become part of the most exclusive club on this Earth... Entry fee: 25,000 pounds." And we thought Jens of Sweden's 24K-gold MP-400 was too hot to handle at $1,200.

The minimal Presidential MP3 player (endorsed by singer Xavier Aeon) is available in yellow or white gold, and the buyer can choose from a wide variety of diamond configurations; you can even cover the entire face with big fat diamonds. We couldn't find out how many songs it held, but when we clicked on the Specifications link, it took us to a page that charges 50 quid for a Gold Card, which you need just to take a closer look. In fact, the entire Web site is stylized and "exclusive" yet infinitely odd. I mean, what the heck is Class of 85?

We later discovered that the device and the lower-cost version, called the D.J.X.2, features 1GB of storage, an OLED, and USB 2.0, and it will measure about 2.2 by 1.5 by 0.3 inches. The Presidential will be hand-delivered to the owner anywhere in the world. And, yes, I've requested a review sample.