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T-Mobile will sell budget Nokia Lumia 521 in May

A variant of the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Phone device will come to T-Mobile next month, but, sadly, without LTE support.

A variant of Nokia's Lumia 520 is headed to T-Mobile. CNET/CBS Interactive

T-Mobile announced this morning that it will soon carry the Nokia Lumia 521, a variant of the Nokia Lumia 520 that the company announced in February at Mobile World Congress.

That T-Mobile would carry a version of the phone is nothing new, but now we know that the phone will be available sometime in May at Walmart and Microsoft stores in addition to T-Mobile's Web site and stores.

T-Mobile isn't answering questions about pricing details just yet, but Nokia said it will sell the 520 unlocked for just 139 euros without a contract. That works out to about $185 off-contract, though we'll need to wait for T-Mobile to verify its pricing.

One bummer is that the Lumia 521 will ride T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. It's speedy in its own right, but fans may be disappointed that the handset won't experience the carrier's recently launched 4G LTE network.

The Nokia Lumia 521 runs Windows Phone 8 OS, and has a super-sensitive 4-inch touch screen, a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video support, and Nokia's full helping of exclusive apps for its Lumia phones.

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