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T-Mobile to offer the OnePlus 7 Pro next week

For now, T-Mobile is the sole US carrier that will sell the phone.


T-Mobile will launch the OnePlus 7 Pro on three separate days.


Editors' Note, May 14, 2019: CNET's OnePlus 7 Pro review is here. Read more about the new phone from OnePlus.  

T-Mobile -- and T-Mobile alone -- will sell the OnePlus 7 Pro in the US. The US carrier will launch the phone from China-based OnePlus at its flagship store in NYC's Times Square on May 14, then do the same at five more flagship stores across the country the next day. Nationwide availability starts May 17. The Times Square launch event is already full, T-Mobile said in a statement Thursday. 

T-Mobile CEO John Legere seems especially pumped about the phone. "The phone that everyone wants…@TMobile has it!," Legere tweeted Thursday. "We're the ONLY place in the US where customers can get the @OnePlus 7 Pro exclusively!"

The OnePlus 7 Pro, an Android phone, will be an upgraded version of the OnePlus 7 and will be one of the first phones available to support 5G (though the 5G version might be headed to the UK first). The phones is expected to have a 6.64-inch curved screen, along with a pop-up front-camera and triple rear cameras.

Originally published May 9 at 6:36 a.m.
Update, 7:09 a.m.: Added background on OnePlus 7 Pro.