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T-Mobile exec talks Nexus One issues, Android OS updates

T-Mobile's CTO admits carrier could have done better with Nexus One sales model.

BARCELONA, Spain--During a press conference at Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile CTO said that the Google-only sales model for the Nexus One was a challenge. In response to a CNET question on whether the carrier would expand the model, T-Mobile USA Cole Brodman said that the experience was a "test case" and that "we could have done things better."

Unlike most cell phones, Google is the sole retailer for HTC's Nexus One, even if a customer buys it with a T-Mobile contract. Though notable because it took so much power away from the carrier, the sales model quickly attracted criticism from customers.

Cole Brodman introduces the Moto Cliq last Septmeber. Josh Miller/CNET

Not only were customers unable to visit a T-Mobile store to test the device, but also confusion abounded over the carrier's upgrade policies. Also, when some buyers had technical issues with the device's 3G reception, Google only offered technical support via forums, message boards, and FAQs. Fortunately, in the weeks following, Google launched live support to assist customers.

Also on the Google Android front, Brodman provided brief guidance on when the carrier's phones would receive OS updates. Though T-Mobile-branded devices like the G1 and the MyTouch 3G would receive updates together, other devices will follow a less regular schedule. Brodman said that devices like the Motorola Cliq, which feature a manufacturer-specific interface (the Cliq uses MotoBlur), will take more time to receive updates because of integration issues.