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T-Mobile debuts Samsung T259

T-Mobile's new Samsung SGH-T259 offers midrange features in a slim design.

Samsung SGH-T259 Samsung

T-Mobile gave its new Samsung SGH-T259 a low-key debut today when it added the phone to its Web site without even the whimper of a press release. The trim blue flip phone doesn't offer much in the way of design, but it has enough features to keep you busy beyond making calls.

Features include text messaging, a basic media player, stereo Bluetooth, a personal organizer, a microSD card slot, T-Mobile's Visual Voicemail, a speakerphone, and GPS. The handset is a quad-band world phone and it supports T-Mobile's brand of 3G.

The T250 is available for purchase now online or in T-Mobile stores. It's $119 if you pay full price, but you can get it for just $29 with a new contract.

Samsung SGH-T259