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Spyker unveils iPhone-a-lot-like

We knew that car manufacturer Spyker dabbled in mobile phones but we didn't know about this strangely familiar-looking offering

While wandering through the mobile theme park that is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we stumbled across a strangely familiar-looking phone at the Spyker stand. Spyker is mostly known for making cars, which gave us pause.

There was no model name on the handset, but of course the first thing we thought of when we saw it was Apple's iPhone device. The available press materials failed to shed any light on its name, but when we asked the man at the stand whether or not it belonged to the Spyker portfolio, he responded with a straightforward 'yes'.

We couldn't get our hands on it because it was locked behind a glass case but nevertheless we thought you'd want to have a good look at it. It raises the philiosphical question: what would the iPhone be like if it had a standard keypad squashed at the bottom?

Whatever you think, this is the closest thing to Steve's little darling we've seen anyone produce yet, and for that alone we think Spyker deserve the award for best iPhone + keyboard wannabe of the year. Click on the next page for more pictures. -Andrew Lim

Silver and black -- that looks all too familiar.

Even though it's very squashed, it's made us start to whether or not the iPhone would have been better with a mechanical keypad.

Is it wrong that we want one of these?