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Sprint to carry LG G4 on June 5

Early pre-orders also come with a microSD card, extra battery and charging cradle.

Sprint calls first dibs on LG's new flagship, the G4. James Martin/CNET

Sprint is now the first of the major wireless providers to announce an exact launch date for the LG G4 . According to the carrier, the flagship smartphone will be available online and in stores on June 5.

The G4 carries an all-in cost of $600, however customers have a number of purchase options to choose from. Should one pair the device with a two-year contract the cost will be $199.99. Buying via Sprint's Easy Pay shakes out to 24 monthly payments of $25 each.

As the lone service provider to offer leasing, Sprint will make the LG G4 available at $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $18 each. At the end of the term, customers can opt to trade the phone in or pay off the remaining value.

The LG G4 arrives roughly two to three months after the debut of two other flagship phones, the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and gives customers another premium smartphone experience from which to choose. One of the features differentiating the G4 from its peers is its ceramic and leather back plate options.

Sprint is taking pre-orders for the LG G4 and will carry both the metallic gray and black leather case. As an added incentive, early adopters can receive a free 32GB microSD card, an extra 3,000mAh battery and a charging cradle at no cost.