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Sprint announces Game Lobby Lounge with fanfare

Sprint announces Game Lobby Lounge with fanfare

At the Sprint Game Lobby press event yesterday, Sprint announced the launch of Game Lobby Lounge, a social-networking application developed by AirG that allows Sprint mobile gamers to chat, share gaming tips, review games, and even blog. Game Lobby Lounge is a separate downloadable application that's an enhancement to the existing Sprint Game Lobby, a game-community service powered by Motricity. Game Lobby Lounge is available as a free download for Sprint consumers for a limited time.

At the same event, Sprint paraded its partnerships with as many as five different mobile-game publishers: EA Mobile, Namco Networks, Glu Mobile, Hands-On Mobile, and Gameloft. A player from the Kansas City Chiefs came out to promote a new mobile version of Madden NFL, and Nicole Richie made an appearance to promote the new Super Pac-Man by Namco. There were also a couple of poker celebrities: Courtney Friel, host of the World Poker Tour, was there to promote Hands-on Mobile's new poker game, and Chris Ferguson, a World Series of Poker champion, showed off Glu Mobile's new poker game, which he helped develop.