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Speck's Made for Sansa cases

Speck's Made for Sansa cases

As I dug around for more dirt on all the upcoming Made for Sansa accessories, my contact at Speck shot off a quick e-mail reply to my plea for more info. So far, Speck has readied three cases for the SanDisk Sansa c200 series. There's the rugged ToughSkin--you can find some relevant commentary in our write-up of the iPod version. The Sansa version also includes the screen protector and the belt clip, and we expect that Speck will offer a variety of colors, though black is the only one listed now. Next, we have the Chuck Taylor-esque Canvas Sport case (James Kim already had a go at the iPod version). This case will be available in pink, black, and white models. Finally, Speck will offer a fitness-friendly armband, the Active Sport. This two-tone gray case is made of a breathable mesh material, and the strap features a Velcro closure. All three cases will retail for $24.95 and should be available by early October. Speck hasn't announced any cases yet for the other Sansa models, but I suspect it's just a matter of time. The company will continue to add more products to its Sansa Web page over the coming months.