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Sony VAIO FJ series: not for licking

Sony VAIO FJ series: not for licking

Who could be blamed for wanting just a little taste of these colorful laptops? With three cotton-candy shades (and, for the more conservative, black and white), Sony's new 14.1-inch wide-screen VAIO laptops are enough to spark a Pavlovian craving for sugar.

Beneath the sweet exterior lies a bit of spice: 1.73GHz and 1.8GHz Pentium M processors, 512MB of RAM, 100GB hard drives, and double-layer, multiformat DVD burners. Like the new BX series, the FJ-series lids have a built-in microphone and camera for video chats. Pricing for these candies starts at $1,499.

You'll have to curb your sweet tooth for just a little while, though: only the "onyx black" version will be available this month, with the other colors to follow in November. We've got our sticky mitts on the VAIO VGN-FJ170, so expect a full review soon.