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Sony updates its UMPC

Sony updates its UMPC

Only a few months after its release, Sony's UMPC has received an update. The new UX280P doesn't appear to solve any of the problems we found with the UX180P, namely its high price, poor battery life, and less-than-ideal typing experience. The new model is even pricier at $2,000, and it features the same design and same 1.2GHz Core Solo processor as its predecessor. What has changed, you ask? Only the memory (doubled to 1GB) and the hard drive (up from 30GB to 40GB).

To be fair, the UX180P already packed an impressive amount of features--Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a full version of XP, not one but two Webcams, a QWERTY keyboard, a fingerprint reader, and a 4.5-inch wide-screen display--into a small package. Despite this impressive list, we're not sold on the UMPC concept. What are your thoughts? Would you buy one? Would you use one if your company purchased one for you? Or does this convergence product solve a problem you don't have?