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Sony prices dual-screen tablet for AT&T

While Apple is doubling the screen resolution of its tablet, Sony is literally doubling the screens on theirs, which finally received a price and release date for U.S. customers.

Photo of the dual-screen Sony Tablet P.
The dual-screen Sony Tablet P. James Martin/CNET

Starting March 4th, AT&T customers can pick up Sony's dual-screen Tablet P for $399 with a two year contract. As a 4G device, customers will have a choice of two monthly plans to choose from, starting at $35/mo for 3GB of data, up to $50/mo for 5GB.

If contracts freak you out, you can purchase a Tablet P off-contract for $549 and avail yourself to AT&T's pre-paid data plans.

Of course, if you blindly invest in either option before seeing what Apple has to show on March 7th, I think Sony executives should personally offer you a hug.

Still, the Sony Tablet P is a very intriguing device. We have to hand it to Sony for actually daring to innovate in a market clogged with cookie-cutter tablet clones. Look for our CNET review soon.