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Sony launches new E-series MP3 Walkman players

Sony has launched its new E-series MP3 Walkman players in Japan, each coming with the usual roster of features, but they now rock changeable cases. You know, for the kids

It may be a few months before we see them on our shores, but we think Sony's updated E-series Walkman MP3 players are worth a quick mention. They're for those of you who aren't all that bothered about the video-playing capabilities of the new A820 players, but still want something funky that sounds good and won't run out of battery halfway through Slayer's back catalogue (or is that just us?).

These USB-toting players come in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities, with FM radio, colour LCD screens, and -- when they come to the UK -- no SonicStage to mess around with. Battery life's rated at around 30 hours and they'll play MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV.

But the really hot feature the kids will love is the changeable cases -- you'll be able to personalise each player with a number of snazzy and colourful shells. No idea how much pocket money these will require, but we doubt it'll be extortionate.

A Sony rep wasn't able to confirm UK prices or release dates, but we'd expect a Q2 launch. -Nate Lanxon