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Sony KDS-R60A2000 on the way

Sony KDS-R60A2000 on the way

I think it's fair to say that Sony's new generation of SXRD-based HDTVs are the most hotly anticipated high-def displays this year--although Samsung's upcoming LED-powered DLP may have a bone to pick with that statement. And while we don't normally brag about pending product reviews, we'll make an exception in this case, if only to stem the flood of reader mail asking for a review. Sony is sending its 60-inch A2000 version, along with a cadre of engineers and a police escort, to the CNET Labs this week. We'll take our crack at it once we shoo away the cops and sweep for bugs.

In the meantime, why not let me know what you'd like to know about it?

Sony KDS-A2000