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Sony hints at new phone with front flash for better selfies

The electronics giant will give us the full picture on Tuesday, promising that you'll "see your selfies in a whole new light."

Twitter/screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Those of you who snap a lot of selfies may want to stay tuned for a new Sony smartphone apparently about to be unveiled.

Sony will kick off a new Xperia phone on Tuesday equipped with a front-facing flash and a big camera sensor, according to the site, which is unaffiliated with Sony itself. Unconfirmed reports say the phone will be known as the Xperia C3, the site added.

But Sony definitely does have something up its sleeve for Tuesday. In a tweet posted Monday, Sony's own Xperia account displayed a selfie of several people with the tagline "See your #selfies in a whole new light." That line could be the tipoff for a smartphone with a front-facing flash. A hashtag promises that we'll get the full picture tomorrow, pointing to July 8.

The selfie craze extends from ordinary folks to attention-hungry celebrities who can't seem to resist pictures of themselves, even mugging their way into photos in which they're not supposed to be the center of attention. But the front-facing cameras on most mobile phones tend to be of lower quality than the cameras on the rear and lack the flash needed to properly expose the photo under darker conditions. A Sony phone with a better camera in the front could appeal to the selfie-loving public, especially if the company markets it as a selfie-friendly device.

Leaked images of the new phone display it in turquoise, though other colors will likely be available. Few specs are available at this point, though the Xperia blog says the phone will come with a 2500mAh battery. Images of the phone have popped up on other online sources, including Esato, an unofficial online forum aimed at Sony mobile phone users.

(Via Electronista)