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Sony files for Xperia Sola trademark

Without any indication why, Sony has filed a trademark application for the name Sony Xperia Sola. We may find out more at Mobile World Congress, just three weeks away.

Sony gave us the Xperia Ion at CES. Could the Xperia Sola be next?

With Mobile World Congress just three weeks away, rumors continue to fly about what we might see out of big players like Nokia, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

Sony has been a notable exception up until now, but a recent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may finally offer some clues as to what the company has in store.

Filed on January 31, the application asks for a trademark on the name "Xperia Sola." Though there's no indication as to what type of device would carry the moniker, the long line of Xperia smartphones points to yet another member of the family.

Sony introduced two slick devices at CES 2012, the Xperia Ion and the Xperia S, so we expect at least that number at Mobile World Congress.

The company is holding a press conference on February 26, the day before the show begins in Barcelona, Spain. CNET will be there in force to bring you all the news.

(Via Pocketnow)