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Sony Ericsson Z555i: Magpie fodder

There are creatures in the depths of the mobile jungle that use flashy imagery on their bodies to attract mates. The Sony Ericsson Z550i is one of them, and heading to a zoo near you

What do you do when you've created an average phone with average features, but still want to get the punters excited? You make it shiny. The Sony Ericsson Z555i isn't a phone with much to shout about, but it does have a front section that glistens like a hippo's back after it's lunged out of a sub-Saharan pond.

The shiny front section of this clamshell also hides a small screen that displays the time and incoming calls or text messages. Pop it open and you're presented with a small colour screen and a flat but usable keypad. On the back of the Z555i there's a humble 1.3-megapixel camera, which won't inspire much more than MMS messages.

This is a simple phone that looks attractive from the front, but hides a rather mundane bunch of features underneath. Unless you're strapped for cash or have a penchant for shiny things, you're better off going with one of Sony Ericsson's higher-end models. The Z555i will be available on most networks soon -- expect a full review lickety-split. -Andrew Lim

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