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Sony Ericsson Neo V with swipe text and USB

Sony Ericsson unwrapped its latest Android today, plus a bunch of cool new features, including swipe text and USB connectivity.

Sony Ericsson today unwrapped its latest Android and a bunch of cool new features. Called the Xperia Neo V (where V is the number five), the handset comes with a swipe keyboard (not Swype, mind you) and dock, which allows you to connect several USB attached peripherals.

The Neo V is now the ninth Xperia-branded Android phone from Sony Ericsson this year, and it keeps in line with its namesake siblings with the same Qualcomm Scorpion chipset under the hood. Like the original Xperia Neo, the Neo V has a 3.7-inch display with Sony Bravia Engine technology, but where the former had an 8-megapixel camera, the Neo V has a 5-megapixel shooter.

What will set the V apart from the pack is a raft of new software and accessory features that Sony Ericsson will release alongside this handset. It ships with Android Gingerbread version 2.3.4, which gives the V video-calling functionality over Google Talk. Sony Ericsson will also bolster its excellent Facebook integration with even more convenient shortcuts to posting on your wall. The camera software will have a new 3D panorama setting, allowing you to take panoramic photos in a single sweeping gesture, which can then be viewed in 3D on a compatible 3D TV.

Two more brand new features are the new swipe text keyboard, which allows you to compose text by swiping across the keyboard in one fluid gesture, and the USB on-the-go feature, which comes into play when you connect the handset to the Sony Ericsson LiveDock accessory. Once docked, the handset can take advantage of USB-tethered computer peripherals, like a keyboard, a mouse or a compatible gaming controller. You can also simultaneously connect the phone to a TV over HDMI, turning the Neo V into a mini-computer or gaming console.

Sony Ericsson is aiming for a Q4 release for the Neo V (Christmas, anyone?), with pricing to be announced closer to launch.