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Sonos ZP80 bundle now available

Sonos ZP80 bundle now available

Sonos today announced the immediate availability of a complete two-room digital audio system based on the ZonePlayer ZP80 base station that the company unveiled in January. The $999 bundle includes two ZP80s and one CR100 wireless remote and represents a $200 savings compared to the previous Sonos bundle, the $1,199 Sonos Digital Music System, which comprised two ZP100 ZonePlayer base stations plus the CR100 remote. The Sonos system is designed to be a multiroom digital music solution, and either of the two-room bundles can be expanded to include as many as 32 base stations with the purchase of additional ZP80s ($349 each) or ZP100s ($499 each). Both ZonePlayer models can be connected to existing stereo systems so that you can play your digital music streamed from a PC, Mac, or a network-attached storage hard disk anywhere in the house. The smaller ZP80 includes coaxial and optical digital outputs, while the larger ZP100 offers a built-in amplifier with speaker binding posts, so it can be attached directly to speakers--such as Sonos's own SP100s--obviating the need for a separate receiver or amp.

We just received the ZP80 bundle and will have a complete hands-on review soon. But it's worth noting that the previous Sonos system has remained an enthusiastic CNET Editors' Choice, and the ZP80 version is $200 cheaper while still utilizing the best-in-class Sonos CR100 remote.

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