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Snakes on a phone!

Snakes on a phone!

We spied this cool little link on Digg as well as on the Buzz Out Loud forums, but we didn't get the message (literally) until last week. As part of the Snakes on a Plane promo, you can now send a personalized talking message in Samuel L. Jackson's voice to someone you know. Customize the message by selecting a few details about the person, enter in your phone number as well as the recipient's, then hit Send. (You can also send it via e-mail instead of as a phone call, but where's the fun in that?) This author was the recipient of such a call last week, and it made her laugh out loud despite her illness.

Do note that you can send the message only between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., and once you send a message to a phone number, you can't do so again to the same number. (There will be an error that says, "Sorry, I already called that phone number.")