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Small business ain't all that

Small business ain't all that

At least, that's what a new study from the influential American Enterprise Institute says. The study from the conservative-minded D.C. think tank says the common wisdom about small business creating most jobs and driving the economy is a fallacy. The study recommends that government not reward small businesses with tax and regulatory breaks and incentives just for being small, but rather reward them for anything that's "productive."

Big companies aren't giving us respect either. While T-Mobile has corrected a lot of glitches and been helpful in replacing my poorly functioning BlackBerry, I've spent hours on the phone with them that are worth more in billings than the price of the phone. (You already know that subscribing to so-called business-level service doesn't mean you can avoid being placed on hold for minutes on end.) And I heard yesterday from a friend who runs a small but powerful management consultancy that techs from her telecom provider--a cable TV company--confided that her company isn't really big enough to get the best service. They said this when they came by to check on why her business-level service wasn't giving her the bandwidth her staff of six or so needs.

They're switching to a T1 line.