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Slacker Radio's BlackBerry app gets Bluetooth, lyrics

As promised, Slacker Radio released an updated version of the personal music-streaming app that includes lyrics. It threw in Bluetooth support to boot.

Slacker Radio on BlackBerry
Slacker Radio

True to its word at CTIA 2009, Slacker Radio has released an update to its excellent streaming-radio application for BlackBerry.

The latest version adds a few new features, the most exciting of which, reading song lyrics, can be enjoyed only by subscribers to the premium RadioPlus service. The lyrics show up when available on the right-most tab in the BlackBerry Slacker app. Even those using the free version of Slacker stand to benefit from Slacker's newly implemented Bluetooth support, which finally provides compatibility with stereo headsets and a whole host of Bluetooth peripherals. You can enable Bluetooth in the BlackBerry options menu.

You can download Slacker Radio's latest on or on the newly-launched BlackBerry App World. It works for the BlackBerry Bold, Curve series, Pearl series (including Flip), and the BlackBerry Storm.