Skype upgrades interface, adds touch-screen features

Skype for iOS hit version 4.0 and comes with a few new noticeable tweaks for fans of the service.

Skype change list for version 4.0. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

A popular choice for VoIP users and those who make international and video calls, Skype (free for iPhone or iPad) received a few improvements that tweak the interface and give you more control over your video calls.

The overall interface has been slightly tweaked to look a bit smoother with a new header and buttons that are more aesthetically pleasing and better match the colors of the rest of the interface. The contact view now shows more contacts on screen, with smaller icons that don't take up as much space as they did in previous versions.

The most noticeable new enhancement is the ability to touch and drag your video preview (the picture in picture view where you can see yourself during a video call) so you can move it anywhere on the screen during a call.

Skype will now also relaunch if the app is unexpectedly shut down while running in the background. The folks at Skype say the app has also been upgraded with better accessibility options, and several bug fixes.

The updates in version 4.0 apply to all iOS versions of Skype, so your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch will all share these new features. Both the update and the full app are free to download from the App Store.