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Skype Mobile for BlackBerry, Android (video)

Skype and Verizon have joined forces to bring Skype's calling app to certain BlackBerry and Android phones. We show you the app from the conference floor.

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Last Tuesday at CTIA, Skype and Verizon  jointly announced the Skype Mobile application is coming to select BlackBerry and Android phones on Verizon's network.

While only nine phones can currently run the app, Verizon and Skype are sure to add more phones to the mix. So if you don't have a BlackBerry Storm I or II, BlackBerry Curve or Tour, Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris, or Motorola Devour, keep your peepers trained on this First Look video. We'll show you what you're missing out on--or what you should expect when and if Verizon pushes Skype Mobile to more handsets.

This is Skype's first offering ever for BlackBerry. While the news a huge boon to Verizon BlackBerry users who have been clamoring for Skype's attention, the limited availability is a bitter irony for those who use unsupported BlackBerrys like the Bold, or even compatible BlackBerrys on the other mobile networks.

The free Skype Mobile is available now on supported BlackBerry and Android phones. Check out the Download folder on BlackBerry and get the app on Android from the Android Market.