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SkyFi2's FM transmitter may be too strong

SkyFi2's FM transmitter may be too strong

Last week, a CNET freelancer forwarded me this article about XM Satellite Radio's big first-quarter loss. The third paragraph briefly implies that XM's SkyFi2 from Delphi isn't in compliance with FCC emission standards. Many users have noted the excellent FM transmission strength of the popular device, including our freelancer who says that he gets a clear audio signal two floors up.

After some silence from XM and Delphi, a PR rep from XM eventually confirmed that the SkyFi2's FM signal is too strong as measured by the FCC, though it wasn't so during prelaunch internal testing (hmm). If the unit is still too strong in retests, then the SkyFi2 will probably either be tweaked or discontinued altogether. Consumers should certainly be aware of the unit's hearty FM transmission; while we don't if there is a true health threat, we can attest that this thing works through multiple walls.