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SingTone: Croon like an angel this Christmas

Want to sing like Mariah Carey but you sound more like an X-Factor reject? Check out this funky new voice-altering mobile phone service

We've seen some strange things in our time, but this surely has to be one of the most bizarre. Trawling the Internet with nothing better to do we stumbled across SingTones
-- a service that turns your own horribly tuneless singing into proper songs.

If you've ever wanted to sound like Madonna but sound more like ax X-Factor reject, then look no further. You simply download the SingTones application, sing along to a popular song, and the software tries its best to make you sound good. It'll then convert your shrieking into a ringtone so you can impress all and sundry with your 'talent'.

Download it from, get drunk during the Christmas festivities, sing a few tunes and let us know how you get on. -RR