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MP3 Players

Sharp DK-AP2 iPod speakers: Triangles are the only shape

Sharp has entered the competitive 'funny-looking iPod dock' market with this triangular bad boy -- it looks like something the Millennium Falcon should be avoiding

When we first plugged the Sharp DK-AP2 speaker system in and turned it on, we didn't know whether it was going to play music or take off. This iPod dock looks like something the Millennium Falcon should be avoiding.

The triangular DK-AP2 works with your iPod and is easy to use and compact. Essentially it's a plug and play machine. It's just a case of docking your iPod and plugging the system into the mains and away you go.

The DK-AP2 comes with a standard AC/DC power lead and a series of iPod adaptor connectors that make it compatible with pretty much the whole range of iPods, including the old iPod mini and new nano.

It sounds pretty good too. Sharp has engineered a powerful punch in the decibel department from this petite set, while managing to maintain a decent quality sound. Although, like the vast majority of iPod docks, it's not quite up to audiophile standards.

Other features include an auxiliary-in connection for connectivity to your PC or other MP3 players (including the shuffle) and a remote control that's too small (credit-card size) and will no doubt lose itself under your sofa within minutes.

All in all, the DK-AP2 is a decent speaker system with good sound quality, and is distinctive enough to look good in your swanky bachelor pad. You can pick it up for around £80 online, which puts it at the pricey end of the speaker spectrum. -Russell Kearney