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Sell old electronics fast with eBay Instant Sale app

If you're willing to accept a lowball offer in exchange for simplicity and expedience, this iOS app can help clear out your junk-electronics drawer quick.

Don't expect eBay Instant Sale to offer full market value for your used electronics.
Don't expect eBay Instant Sale to offer full market value for your used electronics. Screenshot by Rick Broida

So you bought yourself an iPhone, and now you're looking to turn your old iPod Touch into cold, hard cash. Or perhaps you've got an old laptop you're looking to unload, but don't want to deal with the hassles of selling it at an auction or on Craigslist.

With eBay Instant Sale for iOS, all it takes is a few taps to sell your unwanted electronics. Just search for the device (phone, camera, MP3 player, GPS, etc.), then answer a few questions about it: condition, specs, what's included, and so on.

When you're done, the app instantly generates an offer (which comes via eBay partner AllTechWholesale). If you decide to accept it, you then supply your name, e-mail address, and PayPal account details.

Next, you're e-mailed a shipping label and instructions; free shipping is included as part of the offer. After your device is received and assessed by AllTechWholesale, you'll receive payment via PayPal.

Pretty quick and easy, huh? Here's the bad news: eBay Instant Sale makes decidedly lowball offers. For example, it calculated $38.70 for a good-condition 8GB iPod Touch (second generation). Check Craigslist and eBay, however, and you'll find the same model selling for at least $100.

Likewise, the app offered just $79 for a mint-condition Nook Color. I could sell it myself for at least twice as much.

What you're getting here is expediency. No waits, no hassles, no shipping fees, just a flat-out cash offer for your goods. Of course, there's no guarantee that AllTechWholesale will assess the item for the same value it initially offered--meaning you could wind up getting less than you expected, and without much recourse if you do.

If you have some old electronics you want to unload quickly and easily, and you're not concerned about getting top dollar, eBay Instant Sale might be just the ticket.