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Samsung Z400 and Z540V: 3G slider and clamshell

The latest addition to the Samsung mobile phone range is the 3G enabled Z400 that features a 2-megapixel camera. There's also the slim, 3G enabled Z540V if you want something to slide in your pocket

Samsung is definitely not shy when it comes to making phones and this year it has dazzled us with an array of handsets ranging from the sensible D600 to the insane 10-megapixel camera toting SCH-B600. Samsung has also made sure not to fall behind in the specs department, and while its portfolio of phones increases, so do the phones' feature sets.

Samsung's Z range is all about 3G connectivity and one of the latest phones to be added to the line is the Z400. The Z400 (pictured left) is a 3G slider phone that looks and feels similar to the D600, but it's slimmer and has a secondary 0.3-megapixel camera (VGA) for video calls.

You may have seen this phone on a TV advert during the World Cup with Joe Cole running about using it to communicate with his team mates. We've just got one in and have been playing with it all morning. We like its 3G connectivity and 2-megapixel camera, but aren't so keen on its hollow feel -- when you open and shut the slider there isn't the solid feel that you get with the D600.

We've also had a play with another of Samsung's 3G phones -- the Z540V (pictured right). It has similar specs but comes in a clamshell form factor and has only a 1.3-megapixel camera. We like the fact that it's just 15mm thin, and if you're not bothered about the lower spec camera then this is a decent alternative.

Both handsets are 3G phones we could live with, but we'll reserve our final judgement for the full review. The Z400 is currently available free on a monthly contract, while the Z540V is exclusive to Vodafone and is also free on a monthly contract. Expect a full review soon. -AL

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