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Samsung YP-D1: convergence is king?

Samsung YP-D1: convergence is king?

At first glance, the Samsung YP-D1 looks strikingly like a cell phone. This is both unsurprising--the company makes plenty of mobiles, though I'm not much a fan of mine--and a little misleading since making phone calls is one of the few things this flash-based MP3 player can't do. What the YP-D1 can do is take still pictures with its built-in 2-megapixel camera, which happens to have a 4X zoom lens--not too shabby for an MP3 player. It also acts as a USB host, meaning you can use another (probably superior) camera and offload images directly to the YP-D1. Plus, there's a built-in speaker so that you can share your tunes with a couple of friends. The player supports MP3, WMA (including Janus), TXT, JPEG, and even MPEG-4 files, and it can be hooked up via USB directly to a TV for viewing applicable content on a larger screen. Other features include an FM radio, a voice recorder, and a rated 20-hour battery life. The Samsung YP-D1, which will be available in 1GB and 2GB capacities, is due out in February.

Samsung YP-D1