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Samsung still top mobile seller in the US

Samsung has topped a list of mobile companies, with Apple gaining while LG, Motorola and RIM slip.

Samsung is still top of the mobile tree, according to recent stats from comScore, Pocketnow reports. In the three months ending November 2011, the Korean company was up 0.3 per cent to account for 25.6 per cent of mobile customers in the US.

So how's everyone else doing? Well LG, Motorola and RIM all slipped slightly, while Apple had the biggest increase, most probably due to the iPhone 4S launch.

Apple's 1.4 per cent increase meant it reached 11.2 per cent market share, while all other manufacturers listed experienced a drop. LG, in second place, went down by 0.5 per cent to 20.5 per cent. Motorola was third, decreasing 0.3 per cent to 13.7 per cent. Apple was fourth, with RIM fifth, the Canadian company falling 0.6 per cent to 6.5 per cent.

It's been quite a year for Samsung, with its Galaxy S2 scoring higher than the iPhone 4S in many reviews, and selling 10 million worldwide. This bodes well for the S3, which is expected in February. Its Galaxy Note also surpassed a million sales recently, and will hit the US next year, so expect that figure to sky-rocket.

Apple's iPhone sold more than Android for the first time in ages, with the release of the iPhone 4S. But while that statistic may be the case for one month, and the iPhone accounts for a third of all phones sold, Android seems to be selling more overall, with 700,000 devices activated a day. No doubt the bigger range of prices has helped it.

The iPhone 4S also isn't selling too well in France, Germany, Italy or Spain, with Apple's share falling in each.

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