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Samsung said to release updated S Band activity tracker

The rumored new fitness device could launch as an accessory to the Galaxy S5, SamMobile reports.

Leaked images on SamMobile hint at a new activity tracker from Samsung. SamMobile
Samsung may have yet another wearable device up its sleeve.

The Korean electronics giant plans to release an updated S Band activity tracker as an accessory to its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, SamMobile reported on Friday. The blog, which closely follows Samsung, posted photos of the device but said it's unclear when the S Band will launch or what it will cost.

The band has no display, much like the Nike Fuelband and other fitness trackers on the market, the site reported. It will be able to track activity, calories burned, and sleep cycles, and it also has simple call and message notifications. In addition, the band will have interchangeable straps in white, yellow, orange, and grey, SamMobile said.

While SamMobile calls the device an updated S Band, none of the leaked slides it posted actually named the device. If Samsung follows its wearables naming strategy, the device could have "Gear" in there.

Samsung declined to comment.

Samsung unveiled an S Band at last year's launch event for the Galaxy S4, but the device never made it to market. Instead, Samsung introduced its Galaxy Gear smartwatch in September. Then last month, Samsung updated Gear with some hardware design tweaks and its own open source software, Tizen, instead of Android. Along with that product, the Gear 2, Samsung plans to release the Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit fitness band in the coming weeks.

For Samsung, the devices are more than just mere gadgets; they also mark an important shift in the company's position in technology. Long known as a "fast follower" that's able to pick up, emulate, and even improve upon existing industry trends, Samsung is now cutting its own path with its wearables lineup. The release of several different wearables designs is in line with Samsung's longtime strategy of trying as many devices as possible until one takes off.