Samsung gets you wired with six new headsets

Four in-ear headphones and two Bluetooth headsets join Samsung's roster of accessories, some available right now and some coming your way in February. Here's the rundown.

Samsung accessories
From left, EHS63 earbuds, HM1800 Bluetooth headset, and EHS60 headphones. Samsung

Cell phones and smartphones aren't the only things that phone makers like Samsung sell. The occasional accessory also sneaks out to complement those phones.

Just days before the mammoth Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung is releasing not one, but six.

Four new wired headsets and two new Bluetooth headsets make their debut, ranging from $20 up to $130. They include:

  • EHS-60 "Serious Sound": ($19.99) Gel in-ear buds offer background noise isolation, support for placing and answering calls with a built-in microphone and answer button.

  • EHS-63 "Active Sound": ($49.99) Dual-speaker design with an in-ear and external speaker, soft silicone ear cushions. Especially positioned for fitness.

  • EHS-70 "Massive Sound": ($79.99, in February) Dynamic Receiver Speakers set this black and silver headset apart. Built from an aluminum alloy, Samsung envisions it for gamers and audiophiles. It comes with an anti-tangle cord, silicone ear cushions, and a leather carrying case.

  • EHS-71 "Refined Sound": ($129.99, in February) Positioned on the higher end of the spectrum to provide more advanced noise isolation, and the full range of vocals without distortion. Its ultracompact design made of aircraft aluminum materials. It comes with a leather case, silicone ear cushions, and an anti-tangle cord.

  • HM1800 Bluetooth headset: ($39.99) This mono Bluetooth headset supports two Bluetooth devices and is positioned to shave down interference. It also supports voice prompts and can pair to devices without requiring a PIN.

  • HM6000 Bluetooth headset: ($79.99, in February) A dual-mic headset with noise-canceling technology, this headset includes goodies such as mono audio streaming, voice commands, and text-to-speech functionality for Android phones that carry the Samsung FreeSync app.