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Samsung Galaxy S5 lands in shops as S4 price drops

You can try -- but not buy -- the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Phones 4U shops today, while the price of the S4 and S4 have been slashed by up to £120.

You can try the Samsung Galaxy S5 before it goes on sale. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 just weeks away, the price of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 has started to drop, saving you as much as £120. But if your heart's set on the S5, you can get your hands on it today.

UK retailer Phones 4U has S5 smartphones in 10 stores from today, 27 March, for you to poke, prod and fondle. Sadly, like the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you'll have to stay in one place to enjoy it, as the S5 can't pass the shop's door until it goes on sale in two weeks.

You can try the S5 for yourself at Phones 4U branches across this green and pleasant land from Southampton to Dundee, from Cardiff to Newcastle.

Bag a bargain on the S4

Meanwhile if you'd rather have a bargain than a cutting-edge phone, UK network Vodafone has knocked 30 percent off the S5's ancestors in Vodafone shops this weekend. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now £119, reduced from £170; and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is slashed to £330 from £475.

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At the budget end of the scale, the Vodafone Smart Mini 3 is now £52, down from £75.

The price cuts are only available in Vodafone's own-brand shops, and run until Monday, 31 March.

The S5 hits shop shelves on 11 April in 150 countries around the world, including Blighty. The long wait for the S5 to land -- it was announced in February -- will no doubt have impacted sales of the S4, but that's good for us if it means we get a bargain. By contrast, the brand new HTC One M8 has stolen a march on the S5 and avoided torpedoing the current HTC One by landing in shops as soon as it was announced.

That said, one Korean network has jumped the gun and started selling the phone today -- much to Samsung's surprise.

Where to try the S5

You can fondle the S5 in the following Phones 4U stores across England and Scotland:

  • Birmingham, Bullring
  • Cardiff, Queens Street
  • Lakeside Shopping Centre, Essex
  • Manchester, Trafford Centre
  • Newcastle, Metrocentre Gateshead
  • Dundee, Overgate Centre
  • Southampton, 59 Above Bar Road
  • London, Westfield White City (first floor store next to Debenhams)
  • London, Stratford Westfield
  • London, Oxford Street