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Samsung Galaxy S4 tipped for April, with wireless charging

More rumours are swirling regarding Samsung's follow-up to the Galaxy S3, including colour options and a possible release date.

More possible details concerning the Samsung Galaxy S4 are swirling, with fresh rumours pointing towards a mid-April release date, and back-to-basics colour options.

The Galaxy S4 is codenamed 'Altius' according to Sammobile, which claims to have inside information on Samsung's much-anticipated blower. A release date of 15 April is touted -- a date that's just about plausible, even if it is over a month earlier than the Galaxy S3's late-May debut.

The S4 is also reported to come in black and white options, which is surprising as Samsung released both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 with an attractive 'pebble blue' coating, as well as a white option. Personally I was rather fond of the blue hue -- we've certainly no shortage of black smart phones -- so here's hoping Samsung doesn't regress to making monochrome mobiles.

Wireless charging is also pegged as a possibility, thanks to a Samsung-made charging kit, which would include a wireless-charging-capable removable back and dock.

Samsung showed off a similar setup when it lifted the lid on the Galaxy S3, though so far there's no sign of any such hardware. Perhaps Samsung is biding its time, choosing instead to launch wireless charging as a major feature of its new flagship. A higher capacity battery is also rumoured, supposedly packing 2,600 delicious milliampere-hours into its slender power brick, compared with the S3's 2,100mAh offering.

Samsung's chief recently teased that the Galaxy S4 was coming "soon", but nothing else is known for sure about what's likely to be one of 2013's most exciting gadgets. As such, take all rumours with a hefty pinch of salt for now.

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