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Samsung Galaxy S4 is feature-filled in full CNET review

It's "the most powerful superphone anywhere in the world" says CNET senior editor Jessica Dolcourt. Her review is live -- go read it!

After a week of in-depth testing,'s Jessica Dolcourt is calling it: the Samsung Galaxy S4 is "the most powerful superphone anywhere in the world."

Jessica's extensive review has just gone live on our US sister site and I encourage you to read it forthwith.

If I may take the liberty of summarising, Jessica loved the S4's up-to-date Android 4.2.2 software, its superb camera, thoroughbred gaming and multi-tasking performance, and cool features such as an IR blaster that controls your TV and home-cinema setup.

One thing the S4 -- like previous Galaxies -- gets some criticism for is its plastic casing, which isn't a patch on the classy HTC One and iPhone 5 (pictured above, left and right). It does mean you can take the back off, however, so you can replace the battery or add storage with the microSD card slot.

Some of the myriad software features didn't seem too useful either, such as eye-tracking, which suffered some lag. Smart Pause, which pauses your video when you look away, was more to the point. And while the amount of features might seem overwhelming, there's literally something relevant for anything you could want to do with the phone.

My hard-working colleague Andrew Hoyle has taken delivery of a UK Galaxy S4 and will bring you a reet good British-focused review when he's ready, alright? You can read our hands-on preview here.

In the meantime, let me know what you'd like to see in a UK review down in the comments, and on our Facebook wall.