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Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition in Note-style leather coming to UK

Taking style tips from the Galaxy Note 3 and the Fonz, a new Black Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming to the UK.

I see an S4 and I want to paint it black. A new Black Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, borrowing the Galaxy Note 3's leather jacket, is coming to the UK.

It's an odd time to release a new version of the S4, seeing as the Galaxy S5 is just a few weeks away. But at least you'll be able to get the current Samsung flagship with a slightly classier look than the current glossy plastic, which I've always felt takes away from the premium feel of the phone.

Samsung says it will announce a British release date for the Black Edition "in due course." 

The Black Edition, as you might have guessed, boasts a black case, with a fake leather-effect feel and fake stitching around the edges. It also comes with black-themed wallpapers, if that's your sort of thing. Under the 5-inch screen is a quad-core, 1.7GHz processor and a 13-megapixel camera.

Will the S5 be decked out in leather too? And has the S4 been the success we hoped? Hit play on the video below to find out:

There's also a faux-leather black version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and that's coming to Blighty too. The S4 Mini was the first of a range of S4 spin-offs, including the waterproof S4 Active and photography-focused S4 Zoom, not to mention the Google Edition S4 running unadulterated stock Android.