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Samsung Galaxy S3 rockets to Boost, Virgin Mobile June 12

The prepaid carriers pick up Samsung's last-season Galaxy S3 for $400 without a contract.

Boost Mobile will sell Samsung's Galaxy S3 for $400 off-contract. josh MIller/CNET

Samsung's supercharged Galaxy S4 may be sucking in all the headlines, but for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, both Sprint's prepaid carriers, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is more than enough Android phone for its customers.

Starting June 12, Boost and Virgin will begin selling Samsung's high-end GS3 smartphone for $399.99 (it initially sold for upwards of $600 off-contract). That makes the Galaxy S3 the most premium product in Boost Mobile's roster. Thanks to the carriers' Sprint ownership, the handset rides Sprint's 4G LTE network in its 88 markets (and growing).

The Galaxy S3 may come to Virgin and Boost a year after its initial release, but I wouldn't discount the phone's continued appeal, even in the Galaxy S4's shadow. The handset still has a terrific 8-megapixel camera and a large, bright 4.8-inch screen, and it has been updated to the current Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

In fact, CNET mobile reporter Maggie Reardon argues that the Galaxy S3 is a far better bargain than the newest model.

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Article updated at 3:37pm to add availability on Virgin Mobile.

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