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Samsung Galaxy S3 new pictures - in disguise

We've had a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the wild -- but it looks very different to what we'll see in two weeks' time.

Two weeks and counting. Yes, in two weeks' time the Samsung Galaxy S3, possibly the most hotly anticipated mobile phone ever, makes its debut. And in the meantime, we've had a new glimpse of the S3 in the wild -- but it looks very different to what we'll see in two weeks time.

Gizmodo Brazil shows off photos of what seems to be an S3 -- only in disguise. Samsung has shrewdly come up with the wizard wheeze of sending out samples to partners in a generic casing that gives no clue to the finished design, heading off leaks to phone fans rabidly eating up any clues before the phone's big reveal on 3 May.

Samsung's secrecy means rumours have run riot: the S3 is reported to be the official Olympics phone, with a 4.65-inch screen, wireless charging and eye-tracking. We'll find out the truth in a fortnight...

The secrecy also means that Samsung reportedly hasn't had to lock down the design. The design teams are reported to have been locked in battle over whether or not the S3 will sport a home button until the last minute. It appears the home button won the day -- but we'll find out for certain in two weeks.

What we do know for certain, because we heard it straight from the horse's mouth, is that the S3 is inspired by the Galaxy Note -- and our sources also say it will be a relatively minor update.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is unveiled for the first time on Thursday 3 May right here in London, home of CNET Towers, and we'll be at the launch to bring you all the latest news, previews and video as it happens. So keep it CNET!

Hit play below for the latest on the S3 and the rest of the phone world in our latest installment of Phone News:

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We're excited about the S3, which is shaping up to be the best Android phone ever -- and by extension, maybe the best smart phone ever. Are you excited about the S3? Tell me how excited you are in the comments or on our Facebook page.