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Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked photos roundup

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is only days away from being revealed and supposedly genuine leaked photos are popping up everywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is only days away from being revealed and supposedly genuine leaked photos are popping up everywhere. Scroll down to ogle the snaps of the year's biggest Android phone that are doing the rounds.

That image above is a recently surfaced snap acquired by GSMArena. It shows the rear of the S3, tipping a textured back and an 8-megapixel camera, as well as the 'Galaxy S III' moniker rather than anything daft like the 'new Galaxy'.

It doesn't look much like a dodgy Photoshop job to me -- I'd cautiously hazard this one is a genuine snap of Samsung's new blower. Sadly, it only shows the back of the device.

The image below also comes via GSMArena and purports to be a leaked press snap of the S3. Credible? Perhaps, but as you'll see, the design for those two touch keys doesn't match other leaked images. The rounded shape chimes with other reports, however, so perhaps this is a since-scrapped concept design?

This grainy picture below came via Know Your Mobile last week. It doesn't show any obvious signs of Photoshop-related tomfoolery. The picture isn't very high quality but it does show off a home button -- something we've heard will be present on the S3. That screen looks like it could be 4.7 or 4.8 inches on the diagonal. All signs point to the S3 being considerably larger than the 4.3-inch Galaxy S2.

Below is another pic that once more tips the curved-top-and-bottom design, alongside a ruler and a claim of a 4.8-inch display. This snap is another via Know Your Mobile.

Obviously blurry and with a distinct lack of detail, this snap is worth including because -- along with all the above images except the supposed press shot -- it looks remarkably similar to this leaked page from the S3's user manual.

The manual page lists a set of intriguing specs, all of which are shaping up to be entirely plausible. Ice Cream Sandwich -- the latest version of Android -- is expected to be present and correct, though the S3 will surely be running TouchWiz, which is Samsung's hilariously-named Android skin, seen on gadgets like the Galaxy S2 and Note.

Note the processor, which is a quad-core chip clocked at 1.5GHz. Samsung's already confirmed that the processor powering its 'next Galaxy' phone will be a quad-core component, clocked at over 1.4GHz.

Oval-ly familiar?

Looking back a little further, there are a slew of supposed S3 snaps that show a rectangular smart phone, rather than the oval-shaped design present in all the images above. So what do we make of the following images, that appeared here, here and here?

Samsung's reportedly been craftily stashing its newest smart phone inside a dummy case, so as not to give away the phone's final look. It's possible that these non-oval shots are just fakes, of course, but it's also plausible that they show the S3 in pretend casing.

So what's it going to be?

Nothing is confirmed, and with so many contradictory leaks doing the rounds, pinning down likely specs for the S3 is a tricky affair. But I could make an informed guess based on themes within these leaks and industry trends.

Ice Cream Sandwich is a safe bet -- we already know what it's likely to look like running on the S3 as the Galaxy S2 has finally been updated.

Samsung's already confirmed a quad-core processor, so expect four-core power that should rival the HTC One X. A 720p resolution screen would keep the S3 in line with the competition, and that oval design is borrowed from the recent Galaxy Nexus, so it makes sense that Samsung would stick with that shape style-wise.

There's a healthy amount of evidence pointing to an 8-megapixel camera, while the name looks likely to be 'Galaxy S3', albeit possibly spelled with daft Roman numerals.

So many leaks, so many rumours -- it's becoming tough to discern fiction from reality. Do I really exist? Are we all trapped within some vast simulation? Will the S3 have an eight or 12-megapixel camera? Let me know your predictions for Samsung's next smart phone in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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