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Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to O2 soon

O2 has announced via its Twitter page that it intends to offer Samsung's next Galaxy phone, making it the second network to do so.

Samsung's next generation super-smart phone is making its way to O2, the telecoms provider confirmed via its Twitter account. That means that Vodafone won't be the only network to offer the new device.

O2 put the word out about the S3 on its Twitter page, stating: "Excited about the next Samsung Galaxy? So are we - that’s why it’ll be coming to O2!". Yes, O2, we are excited about it, so why don't you tell us more? Sadly, the company didn't want to elaborate on the news, so we'll have to go back to dreaming for now.

What's significant though is the lack of the S3 name in that tweet. Reports have been mixed about exactly what the next phone will be called, with industry insiders telling me that the S3 name will be absent, but Samsung's own launch app listing 'S3' as a keyword. We'll have to wait for the official unveiling on 3 May to see exactly what's on offer.

O2 is the second company to declare its intentions towards the new phone, following the news earlier this week from Vodafone that it also intends to offer it. There's no word on pricing yet, but given that it's going to sit right at the top of Samsung's range, it's safe to assume it will also sit at the top of the pricing plans. Don't expect it to be available for free on plans less than £35 per month.

We haven't heard from the other networks yet, but it's likely that Three, Orange and T-Mobile will be making similar announcements in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned to CNET UK for all the latest news on the S3's availability.

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