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Samsung Galaxy S2 gets new teaser trailer before MWC debut

Samsung is teasing the mobile world with a new video for its Galaxy S2 smart phone, which is due to be unveiled later this month at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung's Galaxy S2 smart phone makes a starring appearance in a new YouTube video published by the manufacturer, in advance of the handset's formal unveiling at Mobile World Congress. The camera operator appears to have forgotten a sunglare filter, though -- the handset is unfortunately obscured in every shot by a flash of sunlight.

Okay, so it's just Samsung trying to keep the mystery alive -- although not enough to hide the Galaxy S2's reflection in a window halfway through the video, as cleverly spotted by Engadget. The video was uploaded to YouTube and then embedded on the official Samsung Unpacked website.

The video doesn't reveal anything about the handset's specs, other than its ability to catch the sun just as well in an office as in a tree-lined avenue or skateboard park. Here it is:

Separately, Samsung has sent out its MWC press conference invite to journalists. It features the phrases 'Something big is coming' and 'Join us to discover the next evolution in Samsung Mobile'.

The latter phrase has already got US bloggers buzzing about the inclusion of the word 'evolution' -- it could imply support for the next-gen LTE network standard. Sadly, for the moment, that's a much more exciting feature for Americans than it is for us Brits, as we wait for our operators to get their LTE game on.

The Galaxy S2 will run the Android operating system. Earlier this week, Samsung confirmed that the device will have a dual-core processor and Super AMOLED Plus display. It will make its debut at MWC alongside the Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, with the last half an hour of Samsung's press presentation expected to be devoted to the two flagship devices.

We'll be anxious to find out during the event what Samsung's plans for the original Galaxy Tab are. The company has proudly announced that it's shipped 2 million units of its Android tablet, but then this week admitted that actual sales of the device weren't "as fast as we expected" and were "quite OK". Translation: there are still plenty of Galaxy Tabs sitting on shelves after being shipped to retailers, but not sold to punters.

We're wondering what this means for the chances of the Galaxy Tab getting a software update with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. We're hopeful that the "quite OK" sales so far may spur Samsung into rolling out the upgrade as soon as possible, to make its 7-inch tablet more appealing. Whether it has the hardware to do Honeycomb justice, though, is another question entirely.