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Samsung Galaxy S series software update guide

Own a Samsung Galaxy S device? Check out CNET's handy chart to see the latest software updates for these Android phones and find out how to get them.

With the Samsung Fascinate finally getting its Android 2.2 update this week, the majority of the first-gen Galaxy S series devices finally have their helping of Froyo. The road to get here wasn't very short or easy, and with each model having to go through their respective carrier's certification testing, the updates were rolled out at different times and in different methods.

To help keep track of it all, we've assembled the chart below where you can find your phone, when the update was released, and how you can get it. We'll also post any future updates here. One can only hope the Android 2.3 Gingerbread roll out is smoother.

Software release date Method
Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) January 21, 2011 Download via Samsung Kies software
Samsung Captivate (AT&T) February 24, 2011 Download via Samsung Kies software
Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) March 21, 2011 (second run) OTA (over the air)
Samsung Mesmerize (U.S. Cellular) March 24, 2011 Download via Samsung Kies software
Samsung Fascinate (Verizon Wireless) April 21, 2011 OTA (PDF instructions)