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Samsung Galaxy Note coming to O2 this month

The 5.3-inch mega-phone is already on sale SIM-free, but now O2 has emerged as the first operator offering it on a pay monthly deal.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is already on sale SIM-free here in the UK, but now O2 has emerged as the first operator featuring the phone on its website.

As spotted by Engadget, the Galaxy Note has popped up on the network's website in the 'Coming Soon' section, with November listed as the release date. Clicking the link sadly doesn't reveal anything more specific than that, or the tariffs available.

We reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note last week, and found it to be an intriguing oddity. While the Android-powered smart phone is a little on the unwieldy side (you'll struggle to fit it comfortably in your jeans pocket), it sports one of the finest screens you'll ever set eyes on: not only is it huge, it's also sharp and the AMOLED tech delivers beautiful contrast and colour.

And because the screen pushes the Galaxy Note nearly into tablet territory, you can also make notes and sketches on it – hence the name. Samsung supplies the phone with a stylus, which it calls the Advanced Smart Pen, allowing you to write and draw reasonably effectively on the capacitive screen.

Despite its talents, dropping around £600 in one go on a SIM-free Galaxy Note is a big deal. If O2 offers it free or heavily discounted on a pay monthly tariff, that might convince waverers that it's worth a shot. The phone has already appeared on O2 and other networks via shops like Phones4U, but never on a network's website.

You can read our full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note here.

Update: It turns out O2 is not the first and only UK operator to feature the Note on its site: it's now on the Orange site too. Thanks to the commenter below for drawing our attention to that.